MBWWA PAC Contributions and Expenditures
Updated 7/20/11


On September 30, 2008 a federal district court ruled that Michigan could not prohibit residents from having wine shipped directly to them from out of state retailers while permitting shipments from in-state retailers. This was a big disappointment for the middlemen, the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association (website). They moved quickly to protect their interests.

On November 12, a bill was introduced banning the delivery of "alcoholic liquor" by retailers to consumers or businesses at any location other than the licensed premises of the retailer. By December 18, was was approved by both houses of the legislature. Two reasons for the ban are stated in the bill:

  1. To promote the public health, safety, and welfare.
  2. To maintain strong, stable, and effective regulation by having beer and wine sold by retailers to Michigan consumers by passing through the 3-tier distribution system established under this act.

The MBWWA says they are not against direct shipments because it would hurt their business. Oh, no. It's because they are concerned for Michigan's youth. They are afraid direct shipments would make it too easy for underage drinkers to obtain wine. The MBWWA is so concerned that in 2008, they were 7th among independent PACs in the amount spent on politicians. Here are top 7:

UAW Michigan Voluntary PAC $1,815,356
Michigan House Democratic Fund $1,237,109
House Republican Campaign Comm. $950,196
Michigan Education Assoc (MEA) PAC $734,007
Granholm Leadership Fund $690,721
Michigan Association for Justice PAC
(Michigan Trial Lawyers Association)
Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers PAC $588,730

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The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has had several stories on this issue.

This is the MBWWA headquarters at 332 Townsend in Lansing (2 blocks from the Capitol):