How others propose making up lost revenue from

eliminating the corporate income tax

April 5, 2015


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Top 10 Reasons to Abolish the Corporate Income Tax - John Steele Gordon, Wall Street Journal, 12/29/2014:

Tax dividends at the full rate; increased corporate investment in plants and equipment would have positive effect on economy and increase revenue to the government through the personal income tax; stock prices would rise, leading to increased spending and thus increased tax revenues; much of the $2 trillion of foreign earnings, now kept abroad to avoid being taxed when repatriated, would flow into this country causing interest rates to decline and investment in plant and equipment and new technology to go up, thus federal revenues.

New Study Ponders Elimination of the Corporate Income Tax - William McBride, Tax Foundation, 4/11/2014:

Eliminating the corporate income tax would boost GDP and personal incomes about 2 percent, and would actually increase total federal tax revenue by about $18 billion.

6 Reasons To Just Totally Eliminate The Corporate Income Tax - Danny Vinik, Business Insider, 11/20/2013:

Tax capital gains and dividends at the normal tax rates; raise the payroll tax cap; implement a carbon tax or a number of other different things.

Eliminate corporate tax, seriously - Markos "kos" Moulitsas, Daily KOS, 8/25/2014:

Tax capital gains at same rate as regular income; tax financial transactions.

How To Abolish The Federal Corporate Income Tax Without Increasing The Deficit - Stan Collender, Forbes, 8/27/2014:

Cut back on corporate subsidies.

Why abolishing the corporate income tax is good for American workers - Laurence J. Kotlikoff, PBS Newshour, 2/17/2014:

Raise personal income taxes (no specifics)