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White women disappoint

November 15, 2016


Mother is rolling in her grave.


She died 2 years ago at age 98. If she hadn't died then, learning that 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump would surely have finished her off.


A farmer's wife and a teacher, she was a feminist before the term was coined, raising her 3 daughters to believe they could do anything the boys could. She taught country school before she was married, went back and got her bachelor's degree after her 5 kids were grown, then taught 6th grade at South Haven for 20 years. She was active in the United Methodist Church and a member of the American Association of University Women. She supported women's access to birth control and abortion. She had bumper stickers that said "LEVIN" and "KEEP ABORTION LEGAL." (For you Trump supporters, Carl Levin was Michigan's Democratic senator for 36 years.) At the same time, she was a strong supporter of Republican congressman Fred Upton.


While 53% of white women were apparently charmed by Trump's vulgar, hateful rhetoric, she would have been appalled. If he had been the Democratic candidate, she would have voted Republican.


The bright spot in this election was female black voters. More of them voted than in any other group, despite Republican efforts to keep minorities from voting. Only 4% of them voted for Trump. Latinas also showed more class than white women, with only 26% voting for Trump. (source)

Eleanore Harry

Mom would have been thrilled to vote for Hillary Clinton and perplexed that any woman could have voted for pussy-grabber Trump just to deny other women access to abortion.


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I had some qualms about the original title for the above story when I posted on November 15. Then a couple of readers took me to task about it even though they agreed with what I said. So I sent an email to all my subscribers with the title "An apology":

I am sorry about “Stupid white women”, the title of yesterday’s email and the title of the story I wrote about my late mother and my disappointment with the 53% of white women who voted for Trump. That title was name-calling, a form of bullying, and not OK. Trump did it routinely (“Crooked Hillary”, “Little Marco”), but it has no place in public discourse. I’ve changed the title of my story to “White women disappoint.”

Here is a selection of the email responses I got to the original story and the apology. I've edited some to disguise the identity of the sender:

Your mother sounds like an interesting woman, indeed! I'm sure I would have enjoyed meeting her.  It's neat that you looked up to her and you are blessed to have a mother that you respected so much. 


I just browsed through your email about 'Stupid White Women.'  I am a white woman, and also a Christian. I am politically 'independent' and have voted in the past for both parties. This year I voted (not happily) for Hillary Clinton - you couldn't have paid me any sum of money to vote for Donald Trump.


This 2016 Presidential campaign really confirmed for me that I will remain, always, politically independent. I can't affiliate with a party because you never know what you are going to get! I think that we all need to be responsible, each and every election, to listen to and observe what is in front of us - and think.  So often, people just affiliate with groups and become part of a 'group think tank.'


Donald Trump's campaign was,in my opinion, appalling.  I agree with you completely that he was vulgar and unacceptable.  The whole thing bewildered me - that this could ever happen with somebody seeking to hold our highest office, President of the United States.  


I can accept that there are 'odd ducks' like Donald Trump, but the scariest thing is that so many people actually voted for a man who had such blatant prejudices. It is indeed sobering.


How should Americans respond to this??  I believe that we need to really 'rise above' it, and that means that we need to be careful that our response to Donald Trump does not make us like Donald Trump.  It seems to be in our human nature to sometimes become like the very thing we rail against...


Steve, I am not personally offended by your discourse, but I think it is very offensive.  In this discourse you are slandering large groups of people that you don't know.  And using offensive language to chip away at human dignity and shock us.  


Isn't that what Donald Trump did?


I can tell that you care deeply about the political process, and our country needs people who do!  Many just 'sleep' through the issues. But I would want to challenge you to think about who you are becoming - and to consider how you might use your desire to express yourself in a way that would help lift people above the mire of vulgarity, meanness and prejudice?


Though I never met your Mom, I'm pretty sure she would be really proud of you if you did.


I used to be on your side, but please delete me after sending an email titled “stupid white women”. I hate trump, didn’t vote for him, but now YOU sound just like him.


Good buy stupid white man!


There was an underlying feeling of condescension from Hillary (and many on the left) and they exude hopelessness.  She gave that feeling life with her deplorable speach.  That was the death knell for the Democrats.  The last minute "bimbo eruption" was met with skepticism and Hillarys emails confirmed their suspicions of Hillary.  I'm kind of surprised it was not an even larger defeat.  I believe blacks and Latinos will support him for reelection.  My family is Lebanese with Muslims married in.  I'm guessing it was 60/40 Trump.  BTW my mom, wife and daughter all for Hillary.


Why do we always have to have bad experiences before we learn that mother was right all along?  Even if she was a little left of center. 


I agree. But why single out white women? What about white males? I’d say the problem is with white. And I’m white. Not so proud of our race right now.




Your mom was a great lady.  I was lukewarm to Hillary but I still supported her after Bernie abdicated (she did adopt much of Bernie's platform).  I was lukewarm because early on in an interview she stated that she was "slightly left of center."  I felt that trumpeting her as the first female President was the wrong tack. She needed to sharpen her teeth and show Trump that she wasn't putting up with his bullshit, like his wandering around behind her in the second debate.  A sharp rebuke would have shown people that she wasn't going to stand to be treated as a patsy.  Trump said a lot of things, mostly bullshit, and his aggressiveness stuck with a lot of people.  She needed to make her mark.  People tend to listen to the sound of power, even if they can't remember what was said.  (He's going to have a tough time selling his "Christianity.")




Please remove me from you email list.  I do not appreciate being called a stupid white woman just because I voted for someone you don't like.  I'm sure at some point in your life you talked about women to you other men buddies.  I feel I am a very intelligent and well informed white woman and would rather have him as president than someone who is so corrupt.




You are an ass you don't Even know what this country really needs. You sound like someone who would hide behind someone first sign of trouble.




Maybe the white, what you think as "stupid white women" voted because they were Republicans not because of the candidate. But simply because of their republican  beliefs.   I have daughters,  biracial at that, serving in the Air Force and in the Navy.   I am by far a stupid white woman nor am I a white woman that disappoints. 
I am  very hard working, honest, police officer that happens to care about my second ammendment right  and also thinks it's disgusting to approve of abortions in the second and third trimester. I work very hard to instill Christian morales and beliefs in my children.
  I am far from a white woman that disappoints and definitely not a stupid white woman.  
Please remove me from any further emails and/or correspondence from you.




You disappoint!

Your Mom may have been all the contradictory things you say, but all women have an obligation to vote their conscience.  Pity is that many who would have agreed with your Mom did not vote, thereby taking their voice out of the discussion.




Been called worse. I'm white, female, 55 yrs. Many women just like me were out canvassing for HRC thru election day.

I did note a disappointing # of white women voting against HRC. Seemed to be religious, maybe? They were angry.

Many other white women very supportive. All black women I spoke to supported HRC. Surprising # of black men opposed HRC.

Many angry white men. I called them screamers. Screaming through doors, screaming out car windows. One screamed "You should be ashamed," as I stood by a Clinton sign in my mom's front yard. My cousin, Screaming on facebook. 

And very young men proudly voting 3rd party did not like her, like they don't like their mom, maybe. Not screamers, but very proud of themselves.

Anyway, all the white women in my family voted HRC. We love her. I agree, an insult to all the women who fought for the vote, to do otherwise. Keep thinking of the 100+ yr old women who made it to the polls to vote for her, to see this outcome. What do we say, "wait 4 years?" Good Grief.




Not sure how you got my email address,  but don't ever email me this Liberal, B.S. propaganda again. I'm sorry your candidate lost (that was sarcasm; it actually helps me sleep at night knowing that you're writhing around, agonizing about the fact that the status quo of this nation is no longer good enough, and that the government's clutch on the average person shall imminently be lessened).


Your propogation of racist and bigotrous remarks concerning the election leave me dumbfounded as to how Republicans are responsible for delivering the message of hate in this country. Who were the real historical racists? Democrats, who sought profit from slaves in the 1800s and openly opposed the Emancipation Proclamation (80% Republican yea's to 0% Democratic). Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, whose devout Nazi sympathies gave her the idea to institute population control in urban areas to rid the nation of the poor, and the minorities by peddling abortions under the guise of helping families in need.


Learn your history. Learn your facts. And quit treating people who voted for actual change with bigoted intolerance (you know, the kind which you claim that the right sticks so dearly to)!




I think you have it back word. Can somebody please explain to me how so many seemingly educated be people can act so stupid?? Always wanting something for nothing. Just a bunch of takers. Liberals making good hard working Democrats look stupid. Just don't get. Good luck to your continued freak shows. They have and continue to make me fell pretty good about myself.




Thank God Bill Clinton was so respectful of women in his presidency! He and with his strong wife to back him up and beat down all those lying women accusing bill. Thank God Hillary was there to beat down all those lying women about the true gentleman Bill Clinton.


I am concerned about reversing and draining the horrific swamp of massive corruption at the federal level. With 20 billion in debt, the spending out of control, the corruption proven in the wikileaks, we had to have somebody go in and kick over the table of corruption.




Ever think that 53% of white women (and many millions of others made up of ethnicities and faith backgrounds) voted for Trump because his policy positions were most important to them?  Including stopping abortion which has violently killed 22.5 million girls since the inception of roe v. Wade?


The God of the Methodists loves everyone including you, me, every woman who has had an abortion and also your dearly departed mother whom you clearly loved and cherished.  And he also dearly loves and recognizes the unborn.  Luke 1:44.


I consistently disagree with you but respect your passion.




Thanks for the apology. I know it has become easier since Trump began his run for office to be angry and use offensive language. He is to blame for inciting people who already had hatred in their heart to feel comfortable expressing that hatred in both verbal and physical ways. Those of us who are frightened, angry or just plain disgusted with a retreat to the days when those things were accepted need to join forces across the country to see to it those who are victimized by others don't succeed.



Not only was the title of the “story” name-calling, a form of bullying and not OK, the story, itself, fits that criteria. The fact that you chose to  cluster  53% of white women into your self-perceived less offensive category of disappointment, rather than stupidity, is truly just as insulting.


You see, Mr. Harry,  you failed  to consider the possibility that even one of those women, despite the fact that she may have disapproved of the personal behavior of any given candidate, weighed additional factors in voting for the President of the United States: the economic platform of the candidate; the health care position of the candidate; the foreign affairs and anti-terrorism views of the candidate;  support of the military and Veteran’s programs; the immigration stance, including illegal criminals, sanctuary cities, dangers to US citizens; the Supreme Court nomination and the effect on the rule of law in the future, as well as religions freedom and the rights of the most vulnerable of our society.  You may have also forgotten that some of those women, like the mother you obviously so love and respect, are mothers, who may have sons and daughters serving in places like Benghazi.  


You may not agree with a  given position on  an issue that is contrary to that of your mother, or to your position, but consider extending to others the respect you demand of them.  To demean a group of individuals, who may have voted for our President- elect for many different, and to them, thoughtful reasons, serves no good purpose.  At its worst , it is one more divisive, mean-spirited and condescending speech to the “deplorables “ of the country.


I suggest that your mother might just have urged you and others who are disappointed that the candidate of your choice was not elected, give our President-elect a chance and join together with the 53% as one country.  We all might learn something and be better for it.




You rock!  I enjoyed the article and appreciate you for writing it.  We should not only be disappointed but embarrassed.  I don’t understand ‘settling’ for such disrespect and hate.  I worry about the demons that have been given permission to act out all manner of terror.  Not only given permission but encouraged by this election.  It is alarming to see the acts of terrorism that have happened because of one man and his mouth.  We are in for some alarmingly hard times.  Keep writing please.




Actually, I liked the original title but good not to tick off some that we might convert in the future after they see what their hero idiot does to their lives!




I'm not sure how I ended up receiving your email blast, but I'm not interested in receiving it any longer, and certainly not after your poorly worded email about stupid white women.  Please be so good as to remove my email address from your address list.

Sincerely, one of your 'stupid white women'




What am I receiving your emails? I deleted your email immediately when I seen the racist title. Please take me off of your list, I refuse to be apart of your rederick. Thank you and have a blessed day.


P.S. I proudly voted Trump.




I disagree with your point of view.  I find it disgusting that liberals are protesting the fact that Trump won the election fair and square.  Half of the protesters didn't even vote.  I believe the only reason they protested was for the payment they received.  It's time for them to grow up and realize that you can't win all the time.   Give the man a chance.  He hasn't even begun his term yet.  


Please refrain from sending me any more emails.




to late steve, your Mother would have never said that!!!!!!!!!!!! She would not be proud of you.




Maybe more like stupid Steve Harry, don't hide behind mom.




Take this email off of your list.


One of "the stupid white women" who doesn't vote for corrupt politicians




It was fine with me , because I agree! The title had me nervous so I viewed it on different device initially .  I enjoyed the story .




No problem, I greatly appreciate your common courtesy for everyone and I understand your dismay with this election.




White women disappoint, I voted for Trump, I apologize for your disappointment and I know that you are upset at the moment. I wanted to see a man in office with a different view on America. Someone who is not paid off and owes the world favors. I believe Elect Trump will make some great decisions for us and help all of us to wake up and stop letting America get away with being lazy. I hope that he makes people start working for state assistance instead of living off it. I would like to see a single white women as myself that works 40 hrs a week with 2 boys get more on my tax return then a white woman that works 15 hrs by choice. I am so tired of the way Americans milk the system from food stamps to health care and cash assistance, that are perfectly capable of maintaining 40. I see this every day on my job, they drop their days a few months prior to their food stamp review to get the max and pick up all the OT in the world when they are approved. Remember when you had to pay 50% to get what you needed for food, These are the days we need back. These are the principles we need to try and instill in our family's. Stop being lazy, I see places hiring everyday. We give them government assistance and they trade their food for 1/2 the cash and buy drugs. The Governments decisions have made Americans forget how we became the greatest nation. The world is out of control and an outsider needs to be in office to take a different view on this world and our nation. I am truly proud to be an American. I will stand up for what's right an honest. I praise our men at war not act incompetent when it's a Benghazi battle, where was she? I did not want that White woman representing the first true Woman President, I believe there will be a more honest, respectable Woman in our future and I will vote for her. As for now I will roll the dice with Trump hopefully in someway shape of form he truly Makes America Great Again!



A very disappointing narrative. You are being a good Democrat soldier, repeating the party line in the face of unassailable logic.




The fact that even ONE woman, no matter her color, age, party, or education cast a single vote for this asshole has me so outraged I can hardly focus on little else.  But, yeah, white women sank this election along with a large number of old, white, ignorant, racist men.  Idiocracy alive and well in America.  


What a great tribute to your Mom, though. She would have been proud. 







And my favorite:

You are a SICK PERSON!!

Stop sending me photographs of you and your mom having Anal sex with animals. I find that offensive and I will report you to the police
do not send me anymore unsolicited emails or you will suffer the consequences.