Merritt Norvel
July 1, 1999


Essays & Letters

I am trying to understand this. MSU will continue to pay former athletic director Merritt Norvel his $143,500 annual salary until July 24 of next year. He also gets the use of two cars (one to drive, one to - what?) and tickets to MSU football and basketball games. He left the job in April by mutual agreement. Since there was no written contract, MSU had no obligation to pay him anything. Now MSU is paying him an extra $100,000 to help prepare athletes for life after college sports. I thought one of the benefits of playing sports was that it prepared young people for life. What really puzzles me is this: If it was his idea to leave, why is MSU paying him off? And if it was MSUís idea, why are they now paying him $100,000 to come back?