Cutting Taxes
June 15, 2003 (letter to Lansing State Journal)



Reconsider on taxes

In his June 1 letter, Kristopher Catton calls the Lansing State Journal "ignorant" for saying Congress shouldn't cut taxes because it can't stay within its budget. He says "the easiest and most efficient way to control spending is to limit the money available."

It is not so easy, and not so efficient. At the federal level, it hasn't worked at all.

Tax reductions have not curtailed spending - they've simply increased the deficit. Here in Michigan - where deficit spending is prohibited by the state constitution - the spending cuts made so far have been far from "easy," and the budget is still not balanced.

Cutting taxes is easy, but the lawmakers who do so also have the power to cut spending. Cutting taxes without coming up with the corresponding spending cuts shows a serious lack of integrity. And who controls the legislatures at both the federal and state level? The Republicans.

Steve Harry