Publishing state employee salaries
July 29, 2007 - Letter to Lansing City Pulse (not published)



William Pettit’s ongoing rant against the State Journal for publishing state employee salaries is a disgrace. It is disrespectful of the law, which requires such information to be available to “all persons”. It belittles the people of Michigan, who - through the democratic process - established the state Constitution and the Freedom of Information Act. And it is just bad journalism. Journalists are supposed to inform the public, not attack those who do. 

It doesn’t really matter what the State Journal’s motive was in publishing the salaries. They are providing a service. This information is not readily available anywhere else. Over-sensitive state employees like Mr. Pettit (Title: ATTORNEY-SENIOR A; Department: ATTORNEY GENERAL; Salary: $91,370.88) may not like it, but Michigan citizens like me (a former state employee) appreciate having all the information we can get. We want the information, we are entitled to it by law, and anybody who doesn’t like it can go straight to hell.