Personal Exemptions
March 25, 2011 (letter to Lansing State Journal)



Agree with tax changes

I agree with the proposed revisions to Michigan's personal income tax. Seniors like me, as well as younger pension recipients, should receive no special treatment. But all people with low incomes should be better protected. The $3,700 personal exemption is inadequate; it comes to much less than the federal poverty guidelines. That could be fixed by allowing $3,700 for each person and then adding $8,000. For example, a family of four would pay taxes only on income that exceeds $22,800. The federal poverty guideline for a family of four is $22,050.

Also, consideration should be given to a deduction for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Finally, the City Income Tax Act should be revised to conform to the state tax. Pension recipients don't pay city income taxes, either.

Steve Harry,


An online comment:

Steve Harry is a rabble rouser and a gold plated busybody, what kind of idiot would volumteer to pay more taxes? As a state retiree, as Harry himself is, I see my currently state paid and currently state untaxed pension eroded more and more every week by higher gasoline prices, jumps in grocery prices, medical care costs, property tax increases, higher utility bills, etc. To pay state income tax on my pension would be the ultimate insult, because back when I began working for the state, I, among countless others, agreed to take a smaller pension payout in exchange for not having to pay state income tax on my pension when I did retire. You are STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, Mr. Harry...speak for yourself, perhaps you have money to throw away, go ahead and volunteer to pay more taxes to the state, must be nice to have money to throw away on things. I don't...and I doubt if many other Michigan retirees have money to throw away to the state coffers. What will they do, if they get more tax money? First, the lawmakers will give themselves another pay raise and bigger benefits. Second, SLIMEBALL SNYDER will give kickbacks and payoffs to the cronies who helped him get elected. Mr. Harry, you have been urging the state to tax pension income for a long time now...AND JUST WHY do you feel that it is proper and the right thing to do? WHY?? Are you a relative of Slick Ricky? Are you related to the lawmakers? Do you have money to throw in the air and then watch it blow away? Come on Steve, tell us the real reason you think the state should tax you are too ashamed of your reason to tell us...LOL