Taxing Seniors
December 10, 2011 (letter to Lansing State Journal)



All pensioners should have to pay new 4.35 percent tax

I was born before 1946, so I'll never have to pay Michigan's new tax on pensions. I resent that. It was cowardly for state legislators to shield those retirees who'd get hit with the tax before they faced another election.

With so many younger people struggling in this recession, it is disgusting that AARP and state and school employee associations feel that pensioners shouldn't have to pay the paltry 4.35 percent state income tax. The Detroit News reported recently that 42 percent of state pensions exceed $20,000 a year and nearly 7,000 of them are over $50,000.

It is hard to believe that the seniors themselves are that selfish; no doubt the Democratic Party and organized labor are using the issue to beat up on Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republicans.

Steve Harry


Seniors, blame Gov. Snyder for taxes on your pensions

No pensioners should have to pay the new 4.35 percent tax.

Regarding Steve Harry's letter (LSJ, Dec. 11), I was also born before 1946. The seniors aren't being selfish.

Few spoke out when seniors didn't get a cost-of-living adjustment for two years.

The younger people aren't the only ones struggling in this recession.

Did the Detroit Free Press report what percentage of seniors' pensions don't exceed $20,000 a year?

If you only receive $20,000 a year pension, 4.35 percent isn't paltry.

Don't blame the Democrats/labor, blame Gov. Rick Snyder.

E.C. Moore

Don't criticize seniors for protecting their pensions

I'm responding to a letter by Steve Harry (LSJ, Dec. 11). I'm one of those greedy seniors who is trying to keep my pension for my own needs.

Forty years of hard work got me my pension. An unwanted divorce, which cost me my nearly paid for home, has resulted in my having to pay rent out of that pension for a roof over my head. I am helping my grandson with college so he does not start life with a load of debt. Also, I'm helping my son who is a self-employed contractor. We know what the economy has done to them.

I don't need big government knocking on my door wanting more of my dollars to waste. I live on a budget, they can too. If your joy comes in paying more, that is fine. For me, my support to my church and family come first. Don't judge others until you walk in their shoes.

Jari McCoy
Grand Ledge


Go ahead, pay more state taxes if you'll feel better

Are you serious, Steve Harry, (LSJ, Dec. 11)? Are you really serious that you "resent that you can't pay the new tax on Michigan pensions?"

Well let me lower your stress level. Just get out your checkbook and write a check to Rick Snyder. And since you are so upset about this, please feel free to write it for 5 percent tax. If it makes you feel even better, write it for 10 percent! That way you won't be burdened by paying a paltry 4.3 percent. I hope this makes you feel better.

Dwight Stone