November 30, 2007 

3125 Tecumseh River Rd
Lansing, MI 48906

Robert J. Kleine, State Treasurer
Michigan Department of Treasury
Lansing, Michigan 48922

 Dear Mr. Kleine,

 In early November, I sent you a Freedom of Information request asking for the totals for all returns of each of the “subtractions from income”, lines 8-19 of Schedule 1 of MI-1040. I asked for the figures for tax year 2006 or the most recent year for which complete figures are available. A copy of the response from Carla Robert is enclosed. 

I find it hard to believe that Treasury does not have these figures, although the fact that they don’t exist in your report on Tax Credits, Deductions and Exemptions certainly seems to support that fact. It just seems strange that you would collect that information on the MI-1040 and then not compile it.

If you don’t have the figures, I would hope that you would make the system changes necessary to get them. The information is very helpful to policy makers and citizens like me who are interested making our tax system fair and efficient.

Also missing from the Tax Credits, Deductions and Exemptions report on your website was a breakdown of the revenue loss from special exemptions. I would like to know the number of senior and disabled exemptions and the revenue loss from each.

If you have any questions, you may reach me by phone at 323-3897 in Lansing or by email at

Very truly yours,


Steve Harry