MERS of Michigan (Municipal Employees Retirement System)
September 13, 2012

I know something about MERS because I worked for them from 1996 until I retired in 2004, and previous to that I did some work as on MERS systems as a systems analyst for the state of Michigan. MERS was in the state's Bureau of Retirement Systems until it became a public, non-profit agency in 1996.

MERS' website is

The material here is from three periods:

2004-2005 Stories about my experience at MERS from the website I created after I retired.
2008-2009 Information collected when a small group of former MERS employees got together because they were concerned about unethical goings-on at MERS.
2012-present Recent times, starting with the news in May 2012 that long-time CEO Anne Wagner was forced to resign.